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Sir Brody Books is not accepting new submissions at this time.

Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, Sir Brody Books is always looking for a good read. If the writing is great, genre is inconsequential. That said, we’re not interested in anything explicit.

What do we really dig?

As you can see from our current offerings, we’ve got a thing for good books for young folks, quirky books for all ages, and powerful books that testify to the power of God. But we love to read anything that makes us think, forces us to rethink our thinking, makes us feel heartache or anger or joy, or presents old information in a new way. In other words, the Sir Brody team loves reading books, and if your book is one that needs to be read by a lot of people, we’d like to help make that happen.

That said, we focus on publishing shorter books. So if your book is longer than 30,000 words, we are likely not a good fit. Of course, your book could change that.

If interested in pitching a project to us, please send a query letter and the first 3,000 words (or the full manuscript if a picture book) to submissions [at] sirbrody [dot] com.

If you pitch a project to us and don’t hear back within a month, please send a follow-up email—especially if your book is amazing!


DANIEL BRANTLEY | Co-Owner & Editorial Director

JESSICA BRANTLEY | Co-Owner & Art Director