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Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, Sir Brody Books is an independent publishing company that is less concerned with meeting the demands of an ever-changing market and more concerned with producing books we like.

Managed by the husband-wife team of Daniel and Jessica Brantley, Sir Brody works with authors and artists we appreciate, and we hope the passion we put into each project shines through.

Each year, we produce no more than ten carefully selected titles, and we specialize in titles that are:

  • thought-provoking & inspiring
  • quirky & unexpected
  • family-friendly

Sir Brody Books operates with an outward focus, giving a portion of all proceeds to worthy non-profit agencies in our hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee, and beyond. As Sir Brody’s founders have a heart for children, proceeds from book sales are often used to fund adoption and support families whose children are battling childhood cancer.

Take a look around to find your next favorite Sir Brody Books title.